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Sleep Coaching with a new SleepTuner™

Sleep Coaching with a new SleepTuner™

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Sleep Coaching 

Having problems sleeping and feeling rested? As a sleep health company we're here to help. We've developed our sleep coaching program under the guidance of our Head of Sleep Coaching, Ed Pienkosz in partnership with Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Meir Kryger and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jagdeep Bijwadia. This four week program includes:

  • Weekly sessions (via phone) with a coach, with flexible scheduling AND on-demand access via email
  • Expert assessments of your sleep by your coach and sleep physicians who work with your coach, including sleep data collected by your SleepTuner and daily Sleep Logs filled by you
  • Engaging expert content crucial to understand and improve sleep, delivered several times each week with quizzes to help you retain and apply it
  • A personalized action plan to reach your sleep goals including identifying and addressing patterns affecting your sleep, potential disorders, and issues with ongoing therapies
  • Plus, your coach will let you know if your data indicates the potential value of a consultation with a medical specialist, and if you desire to do one, will guide you through the process (additional fees may apply)

After payment has been received you will receive an email confirmation and program invite within 5 business days. Remember to check your email and spam folders if necessary. If you have Gmail, please move these emails from your promotional folder to your main inbox.

Trial period: 
If you sign up for our coaching program, we’ll offer a full refund if you wish to cancel BEFORE the second session of coaching. The refund is for the full fee and requires the return of the SleepTuner. 


    Beddr SleepTuner™

    The SleepTuner is essential for Sleep Coaching as it helps you and your coach accurately assess your sleep quality, understand your risk profile, and determine how you could improve your sleep. You can and should continue using it to track and tune your sleep after the program.

    SleepTuner only available for iPhone running iOS 11 or newer.
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    Beddr helps you achieve True Sleep with clinical grade data and expert insights using cutting edge technology. The SleepTuner™ uses an optical sensor and accelerometer to accurately monitor and track:

    • Oxygenation: Overnight and 10-minute average oxygen saturation, sampled 60 times a second
    • Breathing Issues: Detect stopped breathing events (SBE) per hour (3% dips in SpO2)
    • Heart Rate & Positionality: Average heart rate, time and breathing in all sleep positions
    • Trends: Track and analyze sleep and the various factors that affect it over time

    The SleepTuner™ weighs less than a nickel and is smaller than a stamp so you sleep comfortably on your own schedule and in your own home. The placement on the forehead is clinically optimal for accuracy.

    To learn more about how to use the SleepTuner™, please visit our support center, which includes videos and answers to commonly asked questions.

    What's in the box

    • Beddr SleepTuner™ (1 Year Warranty)
    • Protective Case
    • Quick Start Guide
    • 12 Hypoallergenic Adhesives
    • USB-C Charging Cable and Power Adapter

    Shipping Method & Timeframe

    Payment Methods
    Beddr now accepts PayPal, Google Payments, major credit cards, and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards. Please contact your FSA provider with specific questions.